About HQ Developers

We strongly believe that technological innovations are essential to create competitive advantages for companies. To implement new developments requires talented and qualified programmers. HQ Developers’ goal is to select those programmers and match them with companies in demand for these talents.


It took over 400 years of development between Da Vinci’s first test with a 'Flying Machine' (1496) and the Wright Brothers successful take off with a real plane. The first conceptual and working computer was invented in 1941, 72 years ago. The imaginative power of both inventions has changed our world completely.

Today’s evolutionary pace of IT is not measured in years but updates, implementation of new software and development of applications. Technological innovation is now stimulating the imaginative mind. It is no longer optional but part of our daily existence.

HQ Developers is right at the centre of these transitions and we are strongly convinced that only those companies will survive that fully understand today’s and tomorrow’s market demands. HQ Developers daily encounters companies struggling to achieve their goals simply by not having skilled programmers. We search for talents outside our own borders to make sure your company stays on top.


HQ Developers purpose is to assist companies with improving and implementing new technologies to strengthen their market position without being withheld by a lack of qualified programmers. If we don’t have them, you can’t find them.


There are more considerations than only the level of knowledge to match a developer with a project. He or she must also fit in the team, the common understanding, the way work is done and the set of unwritten behavioral rules. HQ Developers highly anticipates on these soft skills in selecting of the right candidate for her clients.


All through his career as IT troubleshooter Gert-Jan Hazeleger has seen numerous companies with one common resemblance: a lack of qualified developers. Some try to resolve this by outsourcing projects to countries like China or India. More often than not the difficult communication becomes more of a setback and the solution seems to drift beyond the horizon.

Companies are confronted with infeasible deadlines, rising costs and increasing pressure on the IT department. That's why Gert-Jan decided to set up HQ Developers. A knowledge company that supports it's clients with front and back-end development.

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