Looking for software developers?

IT is constantly changing at a rapid pace. The need for companies to implement new cutting edge technologies has increased as never before. Hesitation, lack of strategy and above all lack of human resources will put those companies that do not act, into oblivion.

Updating websites, developing applications or implementing new software, are a few aspects to remain successful and to build a competitive advantage over competitors. No matter what your goal is, it can only be reached with a dedicated team of skilled, competent developers.

Reinforcing your team with flexible, creative and independently working developers can be necessary. In such a case you want to tap into a reliable source that understands your needs and can deliver the developers you need on short notice.

HQ Developers is the partner you are looking for. Our purpose is to deliver those scarce programmers with exactly the right skills and competencies you require. Throughout the European Union HQ Developers has a vast network of highly experienced recruiters, sourcing talented young and ambitious developers.

Selecting a programmer who meets the requirements is not enough. In every competition a match can only be won if a new player fits well within the team. We strongly believe that true value can only be added to both parties if the latter is the case.

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Talent Search

IT is boundless. Literally and figuratively. To search and find talented developers, HQ Developers has a network of highly motivated recruiters all throughout the European Union.


Having direct access to programmers for a limited time is a necessity HQ Developers fully understands. In less than 4 weeks we'll provide you the perfect candidate to match your request.


Hiring developers for critical projects, skillfulness, competency and the ability to work independently, are crucial characteristics. The mindset at HQ Developers is aiming at those qualities.

HQ Developers methodology

Recruiting for vacancies in IT departments is difficult. Outsourcing and teleworking are faced with communication difficulties. You just want a developer to temporarily work with your team and add the necessary creativity.

Profiling a candidate starts with analyzing the requirements, goals and timeline of the project. Your feedback to our findings, completes the profile after which our search for the perfect fit starts. Ideally in less than 5 weeks, the first results will be presented to you.

Once employed at your company we will constantly monitor performance mirrored against the set of goals. Meetings are prearranged and scheduled. If necessary, adjustments can be made easily and swiftly.

HQ Developers’ involvement focuses on maintaining and sustaining an excellent professional relation between our clients and our candidates.

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