Do you want to be challenged? 

You are a gifted programmer, eager to grow your knowledge and improve your skills. Complex IT issues triggers your creativity and you will not step aside from finding the best possible solution.

Your playing field is not limited by borders and you’re looking to expand horizons both by gaining more knowledge as well as working for different companies throughout the European Union.

You are looking for HQ Developers. We offer this exciting environment for you: Appreciation of your talent and stimulating challenges at top notch companies in The Netherlands.

Be assured that we will only introduce you to a new role if a company’s requirements, culture and offered challenge match perfectly with your wishes.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with HQ Developers. We have already found what you are looking for…

Solving Hard Problems

Are you challenged by solving difficult problems? You will work on one or multiple projects for different clients. At HQ Developers we match your needs with our clients objectives to solve complex issues. No match, no glory!

Always Be Learning

We believe that true innovation comes from a desire to learn new things. The HQ Academy helps you to develop new technical and/or business skills. Let’s innovate together!

Financial Benefits

We offer competitive terms and conditions. Besides our learning program, we also support your transfer to the Netherlands, help you to settle down and offer an interesting financial compensation.

Why work for HQ Developers?

Explore your talent as a developer to the maximum of your ability and beyond, to work in a challenging, inspiring environment, meet with and learn from your peers from all over Europe, experience companies with an international outlook, head in tantalizing new directions with exciting cities to discover. Just some of the many perks of working with HQ Developers.

Are you a citizen of the European Union and eager to work and live in The Netherlands? Here is your chance. We will gladly assist you in finding living quarters and even make the appropriate moving arrangements. So let’s do this together!

The Netherlands is a great country for expats. A rich history, beautiful cities and almost everyone speaks English. It will soon feel like a new home!

Take your first step on this journey by sending us your CV and within a day we’ll get in touch with you.

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